Programming Languages – Teaching Yourself The Most Important Language

When I first started out in the IT world, the best way to find out if a program is easy to understand and adapt to is to have it programmed in one of the many common programming languages. If a program I was working on presented data in a way that I understood, I could simply ask for an example of how to use it. If it was difficult to use, I could ask for someone else’s assistance. That is what I did with some of the computer programming assignments in school. I found it to be a lot of fun and it also gave me the opportunity to see if I had what it took to become an engineer.

I am now retired and I continue to use computers for various aspects of my life. Because I love to think in terms of computers, I have always enjoyed programming languages. I also enjoy reading books on the subject and watching videos his explanation about it as well. So, when my son told me that he wanted me to help him with his school project, I thought long and hard about it.

I am happy that I decided to do this. It was such a rewarding experience for me. It took all the drudgery out of my classes. I got to spend more time with my family while learning something I enjoyed. It was such a wonderful way to spend my summer vacation.

My job as a teacher was to help the student with each and every assignment. I made sure that they understood the material and that they implemented the strategies needed for completing the assignment. I almost never required them to write a program from scratch. I would give them helpful hints along the way and they were usually happy to follow my advice.

This worked out great for me because I got to spend a lot of time on the phone with students. Once the phones rang, I would talk the student into the subject they were having difficulty with. It always amazed me how many smart students could not understand a computer program after hearing just one conversation with an adult. I also found it interesting how I could easily convert some of their computer programs into their customary language. And once a student completed a program in their native tongue, it was so much easier for them to learn another program in a totally different way.

Sometimes I would let the students revise and rewrite their assignments themselves. I let them submit their work, even if it was only to me. If they were having difficulty understanding the assignment, I would ask a question about it until they understood. I found this method to be very easy on the students. I often gave partial credit for their efforts.

Another thing I did was to give partial credit for the design of the Logo that the student had designed. I found that this helped me with their final project. I asked them to draw a logo for their assignment and then I would draw a design based on what they had drawn. This helped me to see their thought process and it also helped me decide which concepts were the most important.

Programming languages are great tools to have. They can make the life of any engineer or programmer a lot easier. And a program is such a useful tool; students are always looking for new languages to enhance their craft.

I started my career as a computer programmer by teaching myself these languages. Over the years, I have taught many computer programmers how to use the different ones and how to create effective programs. And because I have seen so many students struggle with the assignments, I have given them hints to help them succeed.

For instance, in order to be able to use loops effectively, the student should break up their working period into separate sessions. For example, they should break up a five-hour assignment into two four-hour sessions. This will help them get much better rest. It will also give them plenty of time to get all of their assignments completed; therefore, they won’t have to miss any sessions for the day.

In closing, I strongly recommend computer language learning for everyone. Not only will you improve your own skills, but you will benefit society as a whole. You will create many jobs for people with your new knowledge. And best of all, you’ll feel great knowing you are helping make the world a better place.